Paper Pencil Exams

Fresh Improvements for Classic Practices

For some organizations, paper-pencil exams provide the only viable way to deliver examinations to large groups of people; or to individuals without access to electronic testing centers. Unfortunately, paper-pencil exams are usually static (i.e. everyone gets the same questions in the same order), and can take weeks to process results.

Prov has solutions for paper-pencil exam administrators by allowing them to create scrambled tests for each student, and to rapidly score these unique assessments within minutes, not weeks, of test administration.

Requirements Prov's Paper/Pencil Services Computer Delivery
Schedule today, test tomorrow
Scrambled test forms
Automated (random) Form-rotation
On-site scoring
On-site score reporting
Detailed subject area score reporting
Online access to testing history
Inventory Management Reporting
Administer without computers

Same Day Testing

Paper-pencil testing with Prov gives administrators access to assessments at a moment’s notice. Through the use of our Prov Enterprise platform, paper-pencil administrators can download their exams online and print them on any printer, eliminating the need for expensive printing devices, and allowing for convenient assessments.

For users who still prefer the services of Prov’s print shop, high priority tests can be printed and shipped that same day, allowing you to meet unexpected demands for exams the next day.


Benefits of Paper-Pencil testing with Prov:

  • Ability to easily assess large groups
  • Testing capability even without access to computer or large bandwidth
  • Reduced expenses
  • Same day delivery and instant results
  • Reporting tools allowing for test-center and inventory management

Instant Reporting and Results

In addition to instant delivery, Prov paper-pencil exams have capability for instant score results. With our Prov Lens mobile scanning technology and reporting analytics, administrators and candidates can scan and receive their results in a matter of minutes.

Click here, to learn more about Prov Lens and our paper-pencil scoring technology.


Security Remains Intact

While the security of paper-pencil tests can be questioned, Prov uses question scrambling and multiple test forms to protect test integrity. Prov prints each test in random order to deter cheating.


Reporting Tools and Inventory Management

With Prov’s inventory management system, administrators are provided with accurate details about exam inventory at all of their testing sites.

With the help of Prov’s reporting tools, program managers can easily login to correct demographic information of test candidates, print score reports and site rosters, and even view testing activity for all test centers in real-time.


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