Assessment Management System

Streamline and organize assessments across a single, accessible platform

Accessible Assessments for Every Organization

Prov’s Assessment Management System (AMS) is the perfect resource for businesses to streamline their testing across a single platform. AMS is ideal for any organization without LMS that manages training programs for multiple employees, or even across multiple locations worldwide.

While each corporation has their own methods for training candidates for assessment, Prov takes the load off of by providing accessible solutions for testing and content management.

How it Works

With AMS, partners simply submit their test content, class lists, and instructor information to be uploaded onto our system. From there, Prov prepares the exams necessary to deliver examinations, track student learning, and map course progress through a single streamlined platform.

AMS provides simple ways to:

  • Keep track of huge amounts of test candidates, by test, location, department and partner sites
  • Host company-wide exams and training that can be accessed anywhere in the world through our online portal
  • Maintain organized test delivery across all company locations and test sites
  • Receive extensive reporting and post-test analytics

Secure Online Assessment

With our Prov Lock technology and Prov Proctoring service, we guarantee that your content is secure and candidates taking our assessments are verified and monitored, regardless of their location.

Prov Lock offers advanced security features such as:

  • Unique algorithms to control the hardware and software kernel of the testing device.
  • Seven measures of bio-metric monitoring.
  • Restricted screen capturing, printing capabilities and tampering with webcams.
  • Disabled functions that allow saving or copying content/questions.

Options for Delivery

Dependent on the unique needs and resources of each organization, Prov offers testing through multiple delivery options that can all be managed through AMS.

Whether our partners test their candidates electronically, or prefer to scan and submit paper-pencil results, AMS keeps student results secured and organized, in one safe location.

Protect your content like never before

Use Prov Lock as your first line of defense for content security and test integrity