Test DriveX

Experience Test Day Ahead of Time With Prov Test Drive

Prov Test DriveX Gives the Full Experience from A-Z

With Prov Test DriveX, users can be walked through complete test day processes. With a chance to experience things like check in, sample tests, and even post test surveys, candidates can become familiar with their local testing center or online portal, and feel more prepared than ever for their upcoming exam.

Prov Test DriveX :

  • Testing candidates get experience at their testing site of choice in our network
  • Candidates will walk through the check in process:
    • ID confirmation
    • Document checking
    • Seating
    • Pre-test instruction
  • Complete full sample test
  • Post-test surveys
  • Run through check-out routine
  • Become familiar with testing facility and parking locations

Features Available for Online Testing

Prov Test DriveX is also available for those taking part in an online test. Instead of visiting a testing center, the candidate can chat with a Proctor in real time to discuss the check in routine, walk through functions of the testing software, and take part in a sample test.

  • $25 to order practice questions
  • Additional costs apply for:
    • Test Demos
    • Test DriveX

Schedule Your Test Drive with Prov

Whether you want to complete a simple practice test, or walk through test day procedures,
Prov Test Drive can help you prepare for test day and offer peace of mind.