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With tools for both testing candidates and test administrators, the Prov App puts control of the testing process at your finger tips. Through any web enabled device, testing candidates can register for tests, schedule/edit testing times and locations, order testing materials, and take a test drive of Prov’s testing system to prepare for the examination.

For Administrators

Prov Lens is used to submit completed answer sheets without use of expensive scanners, fax machines, or other office-based hardware. By snapping a photo of each answer page, Prov Lens will automatically submit, interpret, and analyze the quality of the submitted answer sheet, sending the results back to the test administrator. Prov Lens tracks each answer sheet to ensure that the test administrators know when every page has been successfully submitted. Once results are finalized, they are available to candidates within minutes!

Prov 360 is designed to sync with Prov’s proctor console to allow test proctors to have a 360 view of the testing candidate during remotely proctored online exams. To use, candidates enable the Prov App which will sync their phone using the Prov 360, allowing the proctor to see the candidate’s surroundings in full view and prohibit cheating.

Prov Practical creates an efficient way for test administrators and qualified examiners to grade and submit results for practical (performance) examinations. No longer will testing administrators or examiners be required to carry multiple hard-copy forms and paperwork to track testing for candidates. With Prov Practical, scoring takes place at the touch of a button. Better still, Prov Practical works in either an online, or offline environment when access to the Internet is limited or prohibited.


For Candidates

Prov Bookstore is the place for test candidates to order reference materials, study aids, or practice examinations for their upcoming examinations.

Prov Test Drive provides test candidates the opportunity to run through a sample test, and experience everything from check-in to the test format itself. This helps candidates build familiarity and preparedness.

Schedule Test is where candidates go to schedule the test, time, and location. These details can be changed and edited through both the App and the website.


Prov Practicals

With the Prov App, freedom and flexibility is at your fingertips. Let Prov be your go to testing partner!