Prov Lock

Providing a secure platform to protect your tests against cheating

Providing a Secure Platform to Protect Your Tests Against Cheating

When creating and administering exams, whether online or on paper, security of content is always the number one concern.
With Prov’s patented algorithms and numerous function controls, cheating is prevented and content is secure.

Why Prov Lock for Your Assessment Needs?

Prov Lock goes above and beyond your run-of-the-mill security measures. Not only do we offer browser blocking, key stroke logging and navigation lock, Prov has created its own secure algorithms to control hardware and software kernels. To further secure against cheating on high stake tests, Prov Lock provides advanced biometric monitoring, which analyzes seven different biometric measures of the test taker.


Prov Lock’s Content Safety Features

  • Restricts screen capturing
  • Restricts printing capability
  • Restricts tampering with webcams
  • Disables functions that allow for saving
    or copying questions/content

To further maintain the integrity and safety of the test content, Prov's unique algorithms track temp files to ensure that no other background applications are running.
Prov Lock also blocks all capabilities of screen sharing, which include: HDMI, UPnP, and VGA services.


Compatibility and Seamless
Integration of Platforms

Prov Lock integrates with LMS and computer based testing systems for delivery. It is also compatible with Windows 32, Windows 64, Mac, and downloaded apps for tablets and smartphones.


There Are Multiple Ways to Access
Prov Lock for Your Security

Prov Lock is included in the Prov Platform Premium and Pro subscriptions. For non-partners, Prov Lock comes preloaded on any Prov devices that can be rented or purchased, or can be easily downloaded for $0.99 per test.

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Protect your content like never before

Use Prov Lock as your first line of defense for content security and test integrity