What are Prov Essentials?

Improving Practices and Standards for Security, Assessment, and Certification


Our suite of Prov Essentials is all about pushing the envelope and advancing industry practices in security, scoring, and testing mechanisms. With the help of Prov Badge, Prov Lens, Prov Prism, and Prov Motion, our Prov Essentials are meant to take you and your business to new heights.


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With Prov Essentials, our users can improve practices and standards for security, assessment, and certification.

Prov Badge

Earn marketable recognition for your skills and achievements you’ve exhibited in the workplace. Prov Badge allows companies to give you virtual seals of approval that can be showcased to managers, recruiting coordinators, and universities to enhance your resume and portfolio.


Prov Lens

With Prov Lens, paper-pencil score sheets can be scanned traditionally and reported via fax or email, or through our mobile app for instant scoring and pass/fail results.


Prov Prism

With Prov Prism, your content has never been more protected. By encrypting test content that can only be unlocked by the administrator and candidate using a private shared key, tests can be carried out on Prov’s platform without any risk of information being electronically intercepted, copied, stolen, or recorded onto our database.


Prov Motion

Prov Motion allows test administrators to safely and securely test the physical skills of each candidate. A virtual testing environment is created with use of a peripheral device that picks up hand movements to assess candidates who will operate cranes, aircraft, and heavy machinery. Prov Motion allows for safe assessment environment, in a controlled setting without the safety risks and equipment expenses involved with field testing.


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