Prov Provides Secure Assessments, Consulting, and Customized Solutions for the Construction Industry

Experience Where it Counts

When it comes to the construction industry, licensing and certification organizations have a great deal of responsibility to ensure the proper qualification, skills, and abilities of each prospective test taker. In the construction marketplace, lack of skill can not only lead to huge financial losses, but can lead to loss of life.

Prov staff have decades of experience working with construction-related licensing and certification agencies throughout the country. From test development to test administration, Prov’s extensive experience sets it apart from other organizations. Whether your organization needs help developing tests, maintaining content security, or merely delivering your own content, Prov has the expertise to help you meet your needs.

Prov Test Content

Prov has worked with, developed, and delivered a multitude of tests in the construction field and boasts an expansive database and item bank for all sectors of construction assessing those in the following trade areas:

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical (HVAC)
  • Engineering
  • Drywall
  • And hundreds more craft areas

Safety on Our Watch

One of many exciting and innovative programs that Prov offers is Prov Motion. We know that many positions in the construction field require more than just knowledge based testing, whether online or on paper.

With Prov Motion, candidates can test their physical skills in a safe, virtual space by utilizing peripheral devices (simulators). Users can perform the necessary functions that the position requires without risking injury or damage to expensive machinery. Once the candidate completes the test, the results will be analyzed and scored based on the current safety standards of the industry.

Secured Content and Integrity

In an area where authentic certification is a necessity, Prov helps companies protect their content against hackers, unreliable systems, cheating, and content theft.

To secure against cheating, Prov Lock provides advanced, biometric monitoring that measures and analyzes seven biometric measures of each test taker.

Additional features include:

  • Browser lock down
  • Navigation lock down
  • Restricted screen sharing, printing, capturing
  • Seamless integration with LMS and CBTS for delivery

In conjunction with Prov Lock, Prov Proctor connect candidates with real time proctors to monitor testing, and maintain a secure environment.

Creating and Delivering Test Assessments with Ease

For those authoring their own training programs, Prov Mix provides content authoring tools that allow agencies to both train and assess the licensees on changes to the Statutes or regulations. Certification organizations can provide ongoing update training, and those providing continuing education, can author and deliver content that meets the stringent guidelines for CE credit.

Trainees can receive instant feedback to increase productivity and efficiency in their field to stay compliant. They can track their progress to see where additional training needs to be applied with reliable, easy to read, analytics.


Supplying Seats and Time Slots for Your Convenience

We know that with tight budgets and precious time, it is important to get the candidates tested and assessed in a timely, efficient manner. With Prov Network and our cloud-based technology, candidates can schedule tests to be taken at home or a testing location nearest to them. Prov Network provides more seats, in more locations, across the country. Due to time, work, and travel, Prov makes it easier to keep your employees/candidates compliant and trained in their respected field of work.

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