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Improve recruiting practices and make smarter hiring decisions with
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Smarter Hiring Solutions

The search for new employees can be an endless process for recruiters, who can potentially spend countless resources and effort just to hire the wrong applicant. Prov’s candidate assessment and psychometric exams are designed to make hiring decisions easier, and save valuable time and money along the way.

Psychometric Analysis

Beyond the required skills to fill the position, other factors contribute to selecting the right candidate, such as personality, work ethic, and emotional traits. With Prov’s pre-designed psychometric examinations and Prov Enterprise platform, recruiters are able to:

  • Assess the skills, personality, and defining characteristics of prospective employees
  • Provide convenience for candidates who can test from their own location on any device
  • Use Prov Lock and Prov Proctor security tools to provide security and candidate verification
  • Analyze results to quickly and easily identify the best candidate for each position

Burning Glass Recruitment Resources

As part of Prov’s HR and recruitment sector, Prov partners with Burning Glass. Burning Glass is a user-based resource that provides insight on hiring markets, job openings, and the skills and certifications required to acquire each position. By using Prov with Burning Glass, administrators and candidates alike can understand certifications required for new positions, administer online training and assessments, and receive certifications through Prov’s platform to land the job they want.

Train Employees Quickly and Effectively

Once employees are on board, recruiters need effective tools to train and prepare new hires. Prov offers access to our pre-written exams and with our Prov Mix authoring tool, trainers have the flexibility to:

  • Easily create eLearning modules and presentations
  • Customize the pace, content, and structure of all learning content, or allow students pace themselves
  • Track student learning and administer final examinations after training concludes
  • Conveniently administer tests to a few students, or large groups at a time on a reliable network
  • Increase productivity and student learning with instant feedback
  • Analyze results with quick and effective reporting tools

By hiring and training effectively the first time, HR professionals can cut overhead, time, and prevent additional spending.


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