Occupational Certification

Prov provides tools and resources for maintaining standards in occupational certification

Maintaining Industry Standards

With ever changing standards in numerous occupations and work environments, Prov is committed to providing the security, flexibility, and efficiency needed to help organizations assess and maintain their occupational certification programs.

With Prov, test administrators and candidates can experience:

  • 1. Reliability and scalability of test delivery through the Prov Enterprise platform
  • 2. Tools and consulting for test development
  • 3. Best in class security features to protect content and test integrity
  • 4. Network of testing locations and diverse delivery options

Best in Class Security Tools and Proctoring

With top of the line Prov Lock security and Prov Proctoring services, candidates are monitored and digital content is protected like never before.

Prov Lock’s security features include:

  • Unique algorithms to control the hardware and software kernel on the testing computer
  • Seven measures of biometric monitoring
  • Restricted screen capture, printing capabilities, and tampering with webcams
  • Disabled functions that allow screen sharing, saving and copying content

In addition to our Prov Lock technology, Prov Proctoring provides:

  • Auto and real time proctoring
  • Cheating detection software to monitor candidate movements and surroundings
  • Candidate verification and monitoring through webcams

Consulting Services for Test Development

Whether you want to deliver your own test content, have it written for you, or fall somewhere in between, Prov’s experienced test development consultants are ready to help. Work with development experts to create certification assessments or training materials to fit the personalized needs of your industry.

Flexible Delivery Options for Convenience and Accessibility

Prov offers a variety of delivery options and assessment resources to choose from. Whether administrators opt for paper pencil exams scheduled in a testing center, or exams delivered remotely online, Prov’s platform and secure test portal allow examinations to be customized and accessible to everyone.


Speak with Our Consultants

Whether you need help with test development, security measures, or maintaining standards of your industry,
Prov's qualified staff can help you find solutions to meet your needs.