Prov Prism

Securing Item Banks and Test Content

Taking Security to the Next Level

As a key feature on Prov Enterprise platform, Prov Prism helps test publishing companies protect item banks and content. Prov Prism enables test developers to leverage Prov’s testing platform with its security and reporting services to deliver their own test content. By testing with Prov, test developers can assess candidates and protect proprietary test content without the risk of exposure to any third party platforms.

How Prov Prism Works for Your Business

Prov Prism encapsulates data, and some of the key steps are outlined below:

  • Content is received as an encrypted code
  • Code is accessed through a shared key that only the administrator and test candidate can see
  • With their security key, the administrator can:
    • Send/upload proprietary question banks
    • Use templates for desired format
  • Data is left in encrypted plain text format for Prov’s system to prepare test
  • Same shared key is used to decrypt the question set for the candidate to ensure they are the only ones to see the questions and content is never exposed on the platform.

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