Prov Motion

Elevate Assessment, Cost Effectiveness, and Safety
with our Prov Motion Testing Mechanism

Prov Motion to Test Advanced Skills

Online and paper pencil testing is sufficient for most assessment needs. For testing that requires advanced skills (i.e. signal person certification, marshallers) Prov Motion gives companies the ability to assess the skills of each candidate, and ensure that they’re qualified to perform physical tasks before entering the field.

Not Your Average Test Assessment

Prov Motion is able to deliver this virtual form of testing through a peripheral device that plugs into the user’s computer. The user is asked to perform certain tasks developed by the administrator with the use of their hands and body as needed. By allowing candidates to demonstrate their skills with this device, their actions and scores will be analyzed based on the point system required to meet current safety standards.


Prov Motion Specs

  • Prov uses a small USB peripheral device with two monochromatic IR cameras and three infrared LEDs
  • The device observes a hemispherical area with a distance of approximately 1 meter and an overall average of accuracy of 0.7 millimeters

With the peripheral device, Prov can test the skill performance of the following actions:

  • Navigating a website
  • Using pinch-to-zoom gestures
  • High-precision drawing, manipulating, and creating complex 3D data visualizations
  • Can track test candidates hand motions

Safety is Key

With Prov Motion, candidates are tested in a safe and controlled environment, allowing them to prepare for the workforce and demonstrate their skills, but without the possibility of injury or damage to expensive machinery.


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