Prov Link

Seamlessly Integrate Your Current Platform with Prov Products,
Tools, and the Prov Link

About Prov Link

Prov Link is a seamless integrative tool that allows your content to be accessed through Prov’s platform, regardless of how it is created.

With Prov Link, users will increase productivity and further streamline their content across one platform, without wasting time learning new software or transferring data.

Integrating Prov Link with Your Current Platforms

Documents scanned on existing programs can be scored and analyzed with Prov Link while preserving formatting with XML. Prov Link can seamlessly integrate with multiple systems, including:


Enables authors to efficiently create content while integrating with other platforms


Link from a management system to Prov Mix using ADLs to launch and track assessments


Making it easier to schedule assessments and access results with our Prov Network


Prov Link integrates quickly and easily without having to create different integrations solutions for each LMS


Prov Link can enhance and integrate with SAP platforms and assessment management capabilities


Can link into and authenticate assessment candidates through a database of employees or students through a LDAP

Microsoft SharePoint

Can integrate Prov’s assessments with Microsoft SharePoint powered websites and portals

Printing and Scanning

Allows administrators to print and scan paper pencil assessments with two options available for scoring and reporting


Allowing students and instructors to seamlessly access Prov assessments and training modules through the Blackboard platform

Experience Seamless Integration

Use Prov Link to fully integrate to our platform, increase efficiency, and minimize stress.