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With our easy to use, customizable platform, users can author and administer
tests to fit their business needs.

Prov Platform Capabilities

Creating and utilizing programs for your business assessment needs can be overwhelming.
Trying to satisfy your unique needs can often result in multiple subscriptions or feeling disillusioned with your current platform. Prov Enterprise is designed to wrap all your assessment needs and software, into one, easy-to-use platform.

More than 1500 organizations use Prov's Assessment Solutions

Prov Enterprise is available in three levels of subscription, with Prov Enterprise Basic, Premium, and Pro packages. Whether you’re seeking the services of an expansive platform or creating a simple test, Prov Enterprise has the customization you want with the resources and services you need.

Our Enterprise Subscription Plans

Requirements Basic Premium Pro
Test development
Test Administrations
Candidate registration
Test delivery
Prov Test Drive
Prov Lens
LMS Links
Prov Bookstore
Prov Link
Prov Scholar
Prov Survey
Prov Lock
Prov Badge
Prov Studio
Prov Essentials
Prov Prism

Prov Lock – Advanced Content Security

Secure your content with our technologically advanced system. Prov Lock to prevents the test takers from cheating through various outlets. Some features of this program include: locking down computer functions, blocking the use of screen sharing, printing, saving/copying, tampering with webcam, etc.                           

Prov Proctor – Multi-Level Proctoring

Enlist auto or real time proctoring to ensure security and detect cheating or suspicious activity. Prov Proctor provides advanced algorithms for biometric monitoring. With three levels to choose from, Prov Proctor Basic, Premium, and Pro, examiners select their level of security based on whether they’re taking high or low stakes exam.

Prov Test Drive – The Testing Preview

Eliminate test day anxiety with Prov Test Drive that lets users experience the test-day process ahead of time. With Prov Test Demo, you can elect for sample tests similar in difficulty, structure, and content of your test, or choose Prov Test Drive X for a full location and check in walk through.

Prov Mix – Provides single platform module creation

Eliminate the use of multiple platforms to create eLearning modules. Prov Mix has everything you need to create customizable presentations with secure and accurate tracking for student assessment. Compatible with all LMS and testing software.

Prov Scholar – Small batch testing with large features

There’s no need to commit to a contract for small or infrequent testing groups. Prov Scholar delivers top rated services for custom presentations, proctoring, security, and delivery options for testing with the groups up to 50 people.

Prov Motion – Safe and effective testing environment

For assessments that require the use of heavy or expensive machinery, Prov Motion utilizes a peripheral device to provide a virtual testing field and test the required skills of the candidate before advancing into the work environment.

Prov Badge – Digital resume assets

Enhance your resume and portfolio when seeking new employment or looking to advance in your current career. All badges are verifiable achievements that are earned and supported by top affiliated companies.

Prov Prism – Never expose valuable content

Utilizing an encryption program, content remains secure and protected against cloning or copying. Through a key owned by the developer, data is presented in text format to deliver test assessments.

Prov Book – Delivering high stake tests

Prov Book is our custom laptop device that comes preloaded with the Prov Lock security, along with additional features used to verify identity, monitor surroundings, and maintain test integrity from any location.

Prov Link – Seamless LMS linking

Create secure, smooth integration of your current LMS and content management system to optimize the programs you use most. With Prov Link, users will increase productivity, with no time wasted transitioning to a new system.

Prov Book – Delivering high stake tests

Prov Book is our custom laptop device that comes preloaded with Prov Lock security, and additional features used to verify identity, monitor surroundings, and maintain test integrity.                                                      

Prov Stick – A computer in a stick

Prov Stick can be plugged into any computer, device, or TV that has USB capabilities. Prov Stick picks up and locks down the background services and processes that are running, to create a secure testing environment on any device..

Prov Mobility – A in-home testing center

To increase convenience for online testing candidates, Prov Mobility offers the use of smart phones, 360 degree cameras, and tablets for practicals.

Prov Lens – Instant results

Prov Lens efficiently scores and analyzes test data with the option of our Prov App for instant notification and pass/fail results.

Prov Survey – No Subscription Required

Customize and deliver surveys with easy to use templates and clear data results. No subscription required.

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