Prov Badge

Showcase Your Worth to Employers, and Find the Right Candidate for the Job with Digital Badges

Elevate Your Opportunities

In today’s job market competition is fierce, and not just for the candidates, but for companies looking to hire as well. Time is spent on both sides to stand out, look for talent, and showcase skills. With Prov Badge, we help link companies with truly qualified candidates and help current employees broadcast their skills to advance in their careers.

What Are Badges and How Do You Earn Them?

Badges are digital recognitions for verifiable achievements. Each badge showcases a skill or achievement that has been earned by the candidate during their education, past, or present position and is awarded by top affiliate companies and universities. The badge explains who verified the achievement, how it was acquired, why it is important.


Who Can See Your Badges?

Once a badge is earned and verified, it can be shared on any and all documents, printed or online.

  • Badges can be shared to all social media outlets including:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • They can be imbedded into emails, resumes, text messages, and portfolios
    • Resumes can be easily printed through the Prov Enterprise platform
  • Badges can be linked to web pages to show your full professional story

How Can Prov Badge Help you?

Prov Badge helps the candidate get recognized for the work that they have done. It puts the candidate’s skills and talents up front for hiring managers to see as opposed to just relying on a resume. Prov Badge helps current employees showcase their achievements to help aid the candidate with advancement in their career.


Learn More About Prov Badge

Speak with our consultants about your skills, and where a Prov Badge certification could take you.