Prov offers solutions and consulting in an industry where maintaining budgets and security is critical

High Standards in a Unique Industry

The mandate of government licensing programs is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the jurisdiction. When it comes to licensing individuals who will be providing services to the public, government entities must ensure that prospective licensees are qualified to do the job.

Unfortunately, the funding resources needed to properly screen applicants is often less than necessary to do a thorough job.

Prov meets these challenges by helping government entities develop and administer testing programs to maintain cost-effectiveness, meet statutory requirements, and keep public safety standards high.

Assessments for Every Trade

Prov develops examinations from the ground up, and has solutions to help government agencies meet every need. Some of Prov’s provided services include:

  • Consults with organizations to develop better examinations
  • Integrates with computer-based testing systems
  • Delivers computer based tests
  • Prints, administers, and remotely scores paper pencil tests
  • Maintain the highest levels of security, with easy to use programs to customize tests, assessments, and surveys
  • Hosts test content from agencies seeking to deliver their own testing programs
  • Provides the fastest, most secure suite of programs with our advanced algorithms and devices to streamline and optimize across all platforms while maintaining cost effective options

Defense Against Cheating and Theft

In an area where security is of exceptional importance, Prov helps licensing agencies protect their content against hackers, unreliable systems, cheating, and content theft.

To secure against cheating, Prov Lock provides advanced, biometric monitoring that measures and analyzes seven biometric measures of each test taker.

Additional features include:

  • Browser lock down
  • Navigation lock down
  • Restricted screen sharing, printing, capturing
  • Seamless integration with LMS and CBTS for delivery

In conjunction with Prov Lock, Prov Proctor connect candidates with real time proctors to monitor testing, and maintain a secure environment. Prov Prism adds additional security, as it employs an encryption system for content to only be viewed by administrators and the candidate. By keeping content private, administrators can utilize Prov’s testing portals, security, and reporting services without risking content being exposed.


Prov is Designed to Meet Your Needs

At a time when budgets are tighter than ever and security is being tested constantly, why trust your time, money and material with just any testing company. Let Prov be your end-to-end testing solution from:

  • Scheduling
  • Identity confirmation
  • Test creation and delivery
  • Scoring, analyzing, and delivering clear results

Rely on Prov and Prov Enterprise’s suite of programs to be your go-to platform for all of your test assessment needs.


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