Expanding Opportunities for Education

With increasing demand for online courses and constant need for secure assessment solutions, Prov has all the tools needed to satisfy the examination needs for educational institutions worldwide.

Satisfy Demand, Without Sacrificing Security

To satisfy student demand for online learning opportunities, Prov’s security tools allow educators to offer remote learning, without sacrificing institutional credibility. With secure testing portals, online proctoring services, and cheating detection technology, administrators can take their content online, and know that Prov will keep it secure.

Prov Lock and Prov Proctor should be standard through every institutional database, securing assessments at any time or location.

Prov Lock offers advanced security features including:

  • Unique algorithms to control the hardware and software kernel of the testing computer
  • Seven measures of biometric monitoring
  • Restricting screen capturing, printing capabilities and tampering with webcams
  • Disables functions that allow saving or copying content/questions

Prov Proctor offers three service options to choose from with various features including:

  • Auto and real time proctoring
  • Cheating detection software to monitor candidate movements and surroundings
  • Security through Prov Lock
  • Candidate monitoring though webcams

Stackable Credentials

For students who seek additional learning and certification opportunities, Prov offers stackable credentials and certification exams to help students gain specialization in their chosen field, and improve their resume for after graduation.

For universities who partner with Prov, enticing certifications make a universities more marketable, and increase their curriculum opportunities. Some of Prov’s offered certifications include:

  • PMP
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean
  • Agile

Ease of Delivery

Whether administrators opt for traditional paper-pencil testing or online assessment, Prov makes test delivery easy and convenient. By automating printing, delivery, and scoring capabilities with Prov, educational institutions can standardize their testing, and get the most out of their assessment processes.

Prov can also be integrated with LMS and computer based testing systems to allow convenience for test administrators, who won’t have to reformat their existing content.

Prov Provides Assessments and Solutions for GED Programs Worldwide

Prov’s ease of access and reliable platform provide the opportunity for students and employees anywhere in the world to receive their GED. Through company sponsored partnerships with Prov, employees of large corporations can receive all the resources they need to receive their GED, with no cost to the employees themselves.

  • GED programs customized to meet state requirements for education
  • Reliable platform allows students to access learning modules and schedule assessments to fit their schedule
  • Paced learning content and progress assessments keep students on track
  • Secure assessments and proctoring from any location help educators to know student results are valid
  • By sponsoring employees to earn their GEDs, employers and large corporations can improve the value and efficiency of their workforce worldwide

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