COVID-19 Response

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Due to the COVID-19 virus, several of the institutions that administer tests on behalf of Prov may reduce their availability; reduce their hours of operation or even close for a period of time. We believe this will be a temporary issue, but, it may impact your testing event. As we receive information, we will pass this along to you. If you are scheduled for a testing center that has closed or will be closing, we will reach out to you by phone or email to tell you of the change. Many of these changes occur rapidly, so we apologize if your notice appears to come last minute.

Also, we want you as well as those around you to feel safe when you are taking your tests. For these reasons, we are implementing a temporary policy to waive any penalty for last minute cancellations. If you are sick, or showing signs of a cold (of any kind), or if you are well and still want to change your testing appointment, please just give us a call and we will reschedule you at no extra cost. We want you, as well as our employees, to stay safe.

Prov has long had a business continuity plan that involves allowing its employees to work from home. Both Prov’s phone systems as well as data systems allow staff to continue working from home with no interruption. This will allow us work while we shelter in-place, thus allowing us to help answer your questions about testing options.

For licensing candidates in Utah and West Virginia, Prov will be rolling out its remote proctoring system called®. Over the past year, Prov has been beta testing this system as a way for licensing candidates to test at home, under the watchful eye of a live proctor. In response to COVID-19, Prov is accelerating the release of this tool to licensing candidates in West Virginia beginning on March 19. Candidates in Utah can begin scheduling their licensing examinations1 to begin testing on April 2. We know these tools will not address all of the needs of all the candidates. But, we hope these actions will help licensing candidates continue on the path towards their license during these challenging times.